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Private Detective Services in Scottsdale, AZ

When you think of private detectives, you might imagine a moody film noir setting or a certain man wearing a deerstalker and smoking a pipe. But private investigation services have come a long way in recent years, and you need a team that knows how to handle an investigation in the 21st century.

At the Gemini Group, our experience in investigation comes from the most recent decades. We’ve been able to ride the wave of technology and use it to our advantage so that we can bring you the private detective services you need in Scottsdale, AZ.

How We Can Help

Our services include background checks, credit checks, GPS tracking, and social network analysis. We also offer threat assessment services so you can approach a high-stakes situation safely. Our services also include loss prevention, whether you need someone to keep an eye on your store merchandise or your personal property.

Whether you’re dealing with a domestic situation such as infidelity or divorce or you’re embroiled in a corporate scandal that involves espionage and fraud, the Gemini Group can help with our decades of experience and expansive team of investigators.

If you don’t see the services you need here on our site, call Scott Sanders, our lead investigator, for more information: (602) 390-0183.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be your number one asset in solving your most difficult problems including criminal, civil, and domestic cases.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By working with us, we will provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective private investigations and analyses. We will help you gather crucial information within legal boundaries while ensuring your anonymity throughout the process.

Our Company’s Founder

Scott Sanders, our CEO, has more than 35 years of investigation experience. Under his leadership, we have trained more than 600 investigators for our agency. When servicing clients, he always goes the extra mile to gather factual evidence to support your cases.

Scott Sander’s Work Experience

Conducted and coordinated nationwide criminal investigations.

Participated with law enforcement agencies in undercover operations.

Devised and coordinated counterintelligence strategies for large corporations.

Managed surveillance operations to achieve various objectives.

Utilized his proven research methods developed from a personal research network.

Worked as executive protection for celebrities and public/private individuals.

Expert in GPS Tracking.

Debugged phones and electronics.

Operated in national, international, and offshore asset locations.

Handled personal injury and employment-related cases.

Developed, copyrighted, and patented a private investigation training program, with over 600 trainees completing the program.


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